Nimble Patch is a hit in SVT's Dragon's Nest!

With bids from as many as three out of five dragons, Maria Borbos, founder and CEO of Nimble Patch, had her pick, and she left the Dragon's Nest with an investment from Jonas Tellander, founder of Storytel. The investment means that Nimble Patch can continue to develop and scale up its circular concept of upgraded children's jeans.

- I am so happy and proud to have Jonas Tellander on this journey. He knows what it's like to run a company that is a pioneer in an industry, so I hope I can benefit from his experience. Because I will need it," says Maria Borbos about the new partnership.

"We should not turn over as many trousers as possible, we should turn over each trouser as many times as possible."

Nimble Patch was founded in 2020 in Malmö with a vision to contribute to a sustainable consumption of children's jeans. By upgrading broken jeans with reinforcements on the knees and the possibility to extend the pants with the help of extra fabric in the leg ends, a new product is created that has a longer lifespan and a lower environmental impact.

- Our industry is in urgent need of a transition to sustainable production, both environmentally and socially. By extending the life of children's jeans that have already been produced, they can be worn by more children. If a garment is used twice as many times as the average, the climate impact can be reduced by almost half. We upgrade and repair our jeans in Sweden via suppliers run as social enterprises. At the same time, we strengthen the opportunities for foreign-born women to enter the labor market, which we are very proud of," says Maria Borbos.

Wargön Innovation has been part of the Nimble Patch journey since the beginning. Part of the collaboration between Wargön Innovation and Nimble Patch involves sorting out broken children's jeans from the residual streams of textile products that cannot be resold on the Swedish second-hand market. The broken jeans are then given a new life through reinforcements on the knees using either extra durable fabric or patches from other second-hand jeans.

- We at Wargön Innovation are incredibly happy for Maria and look forward to continuing to develop our collaboration with Nimble Patch. It is exciting to follow someone who is so dedicated to her idea and goal, and now to see her realize it. That broken jeans become a new product that comes back to the market is a good example of a circular business model and exactly in line with our goal of supporting small and medium-sized companies in the transition to a circular economy, says Annika Ödman, sorting manager at Wargön Innovation.

Aiming for a wider audience

Through the investment secured in Draknästet, Nimble Patch will also focus on broadening its target group. In the fall, the REJEANS concept will be launched to offer selected and 100% circular products in all categories of denim clothing, i.e. not only children's jeans but also shirts, jackets, skirts and more, for both children and adults.

Wargön Innovation provides Nimble Patch with broken children's jeans that cannot be sold second-hand. In addition to the collaboration, Wargön Innovation and Nimble Patch are working together on the Re-design project, which creates ecological, economic and social sustainability. In this project, the collaboration between Yalla Mellerud and Nimble Patch is being developed with the aim of building a business model for how the parties can scale up redesign and other sewing services.