Wargön Innovation enables the production of
future materials and circular business models.

Wargön Innovation is an innovation environment for sustainable production and circular flows. Our goal is to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the transition to circular business models and increased resource efficiency. Through our expertise, networks and resources, we contribute to increased competitiveness for SMEs and green transition in West Sweden.

We support companies in developing innovations and testing products that contribute to creating competitiveness in the transition from linear to circular economy in the textile and fashion industry. Wargön Innovation is an innovation environment where we pilot new innovations in parallel business and technology development. We build sub-projects and work together with the necessary actors based on the unique needs of each innovation.

We are a well-established player in the Swedish innovation system and work closely with industry, academia, public partners and civil society. We have a very wide network of contacts and continuously develop our international contacts.

At Wargön Innovation, we develop and operate a world-leading test and development environment for automated industrial sorting and valuation of textile materials. As the volumes of textile collection and sorting are expected to increase significantly with the EU Textile Strategy, we are taking a leading role in the development of tomorrow's efficient valuation and sorting systems.

Part of the West Swedish innovation system

We operate primarily in Västra Götaland and are part of West Sweden's transition to a fossil-free region by 2030.

Wargön Innovation is part of Innovatum Science Park. Wargön's activities are funded with a total budget of approximately SEK 30 million for three years (April 2023 - March 2026) by the European Regional Development Fund (via the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth), Region Västra Götaland, the Municipality of Vänersborg and the Fyrbodal Municipal Association.

In addition to the board of Wargön Innovation AB, the operational activities are led and developed by a steering group with representatives from Innovatum Science Park, Region Västra Götaland, Vänersborg Municipality and Fyrbodal Municipal Association. An Advisory Board acts as a sounding board and contact point for strategic development issues.

Wargön Industrial and Innovation Park

The municipality of Vänersborg is strategically investing in the development of a sustainable industry and is developing the Wargön Innovation and Industrial Park with a focus on energy, environment and innovation.