We help you realize your innovation

Our team consists of project managers and business developers with extensive experience in developing sustainable innovations.

Today, too many innovations stay in the lab and far too few innovations become companies and jobs. We at Wargön Innovation want to change that!

What we can offer

  • We are project managers and business developers. We support entrepreneurs in developing innovations in textiles, bio-based materials and circular business models.

  • We are experts in textile and bio-based materials. An experienced and valued partner in research projects where we can contribute valuable knowledge.
  • We are specialists in textile sorting and valuation. We develop a world-leading test and demo environment for efficient industrial sorting and valuation where companies can test their business models.

Our good networks can open doors to new customers and markets. Every innovation is unique and requires a tailor-made approach that matches the needs of the idea to move forward from the lab.

From innovation to commercialization

Wargön Innovation builds collaborative projects where innovations are guided through all key phases of product and business development. Prototypes are produced, properties are developed and verified and the business potential is evaluated. The product or service can be tested on a smaller scale on its way to larger production volumes and market introduction.

Our organization is small and flexible, and we can participate in all stages of the development process. We have access to methods, skills, technical equipment and a network of entrepreneurs, colleges, universities, companies and research institutes. Above all, we have the genuine commitment required to take an idea all the way to a product or service ready for commercialization.

Wargön Innovation creates the conditions for scaling up your innovation. With us, you get the opportunity to test and develop your innovation further, in a new environment with new resources. We build credibility for both investors and future customers.

Supporting entrepreneurs

Project expertise

Test and demo facility